Wake Slides - The Wakeboard Coach Tips and Tricks

Wake Slides

Wakeslides are a great tool to help you get the feel and balance point of your board. This is extremely important since most people tend to ride too much on their back foot when learning edge control.

It’s best to start these riding on your regular foot forward, just outside the wake. You want your toeside of the board to be closest to the wake. If your regular foot forwards this will be the port (left) side of the boat.

Start at the base of the wake, just where the wake starts it’s upward shape. Slowly ride to the top and drive your back foot toward the boat. This is definitely easier with no fins on your board so it will release easier. Also run a little slower than normal to avoid the dreaded face plant.

As the board starts to slide around try to keep your center of gravity low and centered on the board. The taller you stand the more chance of catching an edge.

Once you’ve got the board sideways, try to balance on the crest of the wake, both toes should be up and facing the back of the boat. The wakes crest should be directly between your feet.

Once you’ve got this down you can try it switch. Then give a backside boardslide a try.

Have fun and good luck.
Dave Briscoe