Wake Jumps - The Wakeboard Coach Tips and Tricks

Wake Jumps

OK, Relax....The doctor is in...
Going wake to wake is one of the biggest challenges for anyone starting out on a board.

Since you’re on top of water, it's impossible to pop simply with your legs. The harder you kick your legs the more you'll sink the board into the water.

Pop or lift comes from your entire body, and mainly your hips...

The harder you cut into the wake the more tension you will put on the rope. What you need to understand is, where is that tension going? The tension gets applied to your shoulders. Therefore the harder you cut the more tension or weight your putting on your shoulders. The second place that's affected by the wake is that huge surface area that hits it under you feet... (The Board). The harder you cut the more impact and upward motion the board gets.

Now the trick is keeping this impact from the Wake hitting the board, and Impact of all that weight you've put on your shoulders, from crushing your body at take off.
Think of a scenario, Let's say you’re standing on the floor blind folded, and I came up behind you without you knowing and I jumped on your back. Where would your body crush first? Probably through your hip joint. Since that is the largest hinge on your body. But if you saw me coming you would resist through your back, hips, & knees to support the weight.

When you take off from a wake instead of trying so hard to jump off of it simply build an edge with a body ready to resist a strong impact. And all that energy of the wake will not only throw the board up. But everything on top of it. The more rigid and tall you are at the top of the wake the more height you'll get.
The second scenario I want you to think of is impacting an object through a swing. This could be anything your into. Golf. Baseball, Tennis etc. When you swing a Golf club for instance think of when the hardest part of your swing is. Usually at contact. But do you stop swinging at contact? Of course not, unless you play Golf like I do and like nature walks through the woods. My point is you must follow through to accomplish projection. The same thing goes behind the boat. After all you’re just a monkey at the end of a string back there.
Good Luck, and remember "Hesitation Leads to Pain".

Dave Briscoe