Tantrum and Backroll - The Wakeboard Coach Tips and Tricks

Tantrum and Backroll

The Trick to the tantrum is a hard heelside edge with most of your weight on your front foot. At the top of the wake let go with your back hand, and point your lead hand to the boat. This will make your shoulders square off to the boat. Keep your back as tall as possible. Patience is the key at this point. If you throw the trick before you leave the wake it will rob all of your pop. After you feel the kick of the wake you then look straight back and keep looking until you see the water. If your head twists and you look over your shoulder this will make you twist.

On the Back roll you want to think of this trick as a cartwheel. Edge in with a tall back and most of the weight on your front foot. At the top of the wake transfer all of your weight to your back foot and lock your back leg. As you do this, the board will take the shape of the wake. As the board starts to roll you want to counter this by putting your back ear to your back shoulder. The key is to not turn your head when you do this. Keep your nose to the boat and simply snap your ear to your shoulder. If your left foot forward it will be your right ear to right shoulder.

When you know you’re upside down, open your eyes and look over your lead shoulder (which ever foot is forward is your lead side) and spot the water before you impact it. When you can start seeing something before you land instead of when you land, your body will start reacting to a landing. Keep 2 hands on the whole time for this trick.

I hope this helps. Try a couple and send me back an email on what's happening, and I'll try too talking you through it.

Good luck,