Ollies - The Wakeboard Coach Tips and Tricks


Ollies are a huge part of wakeboarding that are used more often than probably any other trick. They are used to transfer back to a stance after a landing. They are used on sliders and rails. And sometimes even over birds or other marine life.

The easiest way to learn ollies is with a little speed and tension, but not from the boat, you’re going to create your own.

Have the boat run your normal speed, anywhere from 20 – 24 should be perfect. Start on the outside of the wake with your toes closest to the wake. Set a hard Heelside edge away from the wake trying to generate as much speed as possible. This will make the water more firm under you’re board thus making it easier to release from. When your reaching the pinnacle of your cut you should be in a slightly crouched position. From this position you want to stand up hard on your back foot. As if you where making the board do a wheelie. As you ‘re back leg gets close to full extension pull your front foot up and then hop off your back foot to bring the entire board off the water.

Do yourself a favor and as soon as you learn this regular, try it switch. I see too many people that can land switch well but can’t get back around once they do. Learning to Ollie switch and regular will help big time in the long run if you get it out of the way now.
Another great way to practice is over buoys like in a slalom course or even small mooring buoy’s. Just be careful with your legal limits you can stay from shoreline on your lake.

Once you have them down try to add a 180 to your Ollie. Just follow the same guidelines as the Surface 180 as far as rotating with your hip as apposed to your board/feet.

Have fun,
Dave Briscoe