Dave Briscoe's Bio

thecoach.jpg Name: Dave Briscoe
Hommetown: Rochester, NH
Years riding: since the begining!
Nickname: "Rooster"
Years at Briscoe's Ride Center: Founded it!
When your not riding: playing guitar/spoons, Hockey,
ridin my hog, ultimate ping-pong
Board: 135 Absolute
Bindings: Zeus
'07 Inducted into the New Hampshire Sports Hall of Fame
'02 3rd place AWA Worlds Sun City South Africa
'01 2nd Place AWA Worlds Marseille France
'00 Scandinavian Wakeboard Tour Champion
'99 European Wakeboard Tour Champion
'99 3rd Place Worlds
'98 3rd place Extreme World Cup, Toronto
'98 2nd Supra Sessions Ft. Lauderdale
'97 4th Extreme World Cup, Toronto
'97 I.W.A. Wakeboard Tour Champion, Italy>
'96 X Games Finalist
'95 National Record Wakeboard nationals, Austin, Tx.
'94 - '04 Total of 16 Pro tour finals












Coaching Career
Wakeboard & Waterski Coach Worldwide
Current coach of following pro Wakeboarders - Zane Schwenk, JD Webb, Parks Bonifay, Shannon Best, Derek Grassman, Jeremy Kovak, Brett Eisenhower, Kevin Henshaw, Laura Lorhmann & Many more.
W.W.A. Certified Driver / Judge / Instructor
Coach U.S. Disabled Ski Team & Disabled international Skiers.
Coach Worlds youngest skier Chad Briscoe 6 mo. 28 days
Instructional writer / editor Wakeboard magazine.
Announcer Caf» de Columbia Pro Tour.
Personal coach Freestyle Jump Champions and World record holders, Hank Amos, Zane Schwenk & Geno Yauchler.
Present Place an average of 6 people per year into a Professional Show.
Place an average of 4 per year into the Pro Tour.

Dave has owned and operated Briscoe's Ride Center since 1990. His students include: Zane Schwenk, Parks Bonifay, Jeremy Kovak, Shannon Best, Jeff Heer, JD Webb, Derek Grassman, Tino Santori, Kevin Henshaw, Laura Lohrmann and the list goes on.

"Dave has an amazing ability to change from a beginner to a pro level without missing a beat. Dave has captured the most effective coaching skill of all .....different people learn different ways, and with Dave's gift of gab, he can teach anyone in many different ways all resulting in the student finally learning the trick." Z.S.

Through the years Dave has been recognized on countless occasions of Television coverage, from ESPN, CSN, NBC, Euro Sport, Outdoor Life and many other affiliates, stemming from an illustrious Wakeboard career. As well as many appearances coaching Disabled, Freestyle Jump, Beginners, and all other aspects of Wakeboard & Waterskiing . Dave Briscoe has also appeared in numerous Wakeboard videos' riding his signature board.

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